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Celebrating 9 years!

9 years, since we started out on this epic journey! 9 years & we are still falling in love ever more deeply with this truly amazing city of ours – #Mysuru! Every post, every comment, every picture has been in appreciation of this great city & we are still not done! Here’s to wishing more years of togetherness, for this journey would not have been the same without you amazing people. Let’s share the love, Mysuru!

We turn 8!

An idea, ಒಂದ್ ಆಸೆ, a dream, ಒಂದ್ ಊರು, amazing people, ಹುಚ್ಚು ಪ್ರೀತಿ – all this got together to help us reach where we are today. It’s been 8 years, since we started out on this journey of falling in love with #nammooru again and our relationship has consistently grown stronger since then! Today, we feel proud to have evolved into a large family of lakhs of people! And just like a family, there have been times when we have had our differences, moments of pure unconditional support, phases of minimum interaction, celebratory occasions & more! We couldn’t have done any of this without all your love & blessings! Thank you! Let the masthi & ಮಜಾ continue!