The scale of damage caused globally by the dreaded Corona Virus is unprecedented. Sadly, the virus has reached our beloved city as well. In these testing times, it is important to stay aware of the situation so that necessary precautions can be taken and help can be availed during emergencies. Also, it is important to separate the rumours from the actual facts.
We will share regular updates about the number of confirmed cases, Do’s & Don’ts during Lockdown, precautionary measures to be taken & also the Official Helpline numbers & contacts.

Let’s fight the pandemic together, Mysuru.


Dated: 12-05-2020, Situation till: 07:00 PM

  • Total number of persons observed till date: 5197
  • Total number of persons who have completed 14 days’ isolation: 4760
  • Total number of persons isolated in home for 14 days: 433
  • Total number of persons isolated in hospital active cases: 4
  • Total samples Tested: 5484
  • Samples found Negative: 5394
  • Samples found Positive Cumulative: 90
  • Total Number of patients discharged: 86
  • Today’s discharge = 0
  • Cumulative discharge till yesterday= P20, P27K, P52, P77, P78, P79, P80, P81, P85, P86, P87, P88, P95, P96, P104, P105, P109, P110, P111, P112, P134TJ, P135TJ, P136TJ, P137TJ, P138TJ, P139, P154, P155, P157TJ, P158, P160K, P184, P200, P202, P103, P209, P210, P214, P156TJ, P264, P266, P269, P271, P140, P159, P201, P213, P216, P311, P312, P273, P318, P342, P343, P345, P346, P347, P348, P270, P321, P365, P366, P183, P303, P369, P383, P203, P320, P267, P265, P344, P375 P388, P416, P417, P426, P427. P212, P382, P272, P384, P387, P268, P319, P497, P386TJ

Last Updated On: 13-05-2020

Stay at Home. Stay Safe.

“Don’t come out of home without any emergency. If you are caught on road by Police and found to be out without any emergency you will be arrested under IPC Sec 270.
No bail will be given and you could be sent to jail upto 2 years.
– Mysuru Police Commissioner”

Stay at Home, Mysuru


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