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Dialogue with the Dynamic : A candid conversation with Vaishali Hanumanth

1. Why you chose your respective field?

The film line has interested me since childhood. I was very young when my grandfather stated Shantala theatre in Mysore and I remember going to the theatre every weekend and watching a film. Growing up I was always up to date with the latest films. I believe it was my passion for watching films that ultimately led me to this line of work.

2. As an entrepreneur, what was the hardest thing you had to face and how did you overcome it?

As in any other industry, there is a lot of hardship. As an entrepreneur I was inexperienced when I first started out and made mistakes and learnt from them. One instance of this was when we experienced a sudden electrical surge that fried our servers and online UPSs and caused us to cancel running shows and refund the money. I felt completely helpless as there was nothing I could do about it as things were out of my control. A feeling of failure and anxiety prevailed, and as I started handling this situation, the confidence audience had in me and the support they gave acted as a moral booster for me and helped me overcome the situation. The audience understood my situation and cooperated with the team causing no trouble. This made me realise the greatness of Mysoreans as they understood that any business takes time to streamline.

3. The most memorable moment of the entrepreneurship journey so far?

One of the most memorable moments for me was when we opened on October 1st 2012. The hard work had paid off and the multiplex was ready and open to the public. The opening gave me a sense of satisfaction as I had seen the multiplex taking shape over the past few months. I was overwhelmed by this. Another memorable moment was when Dr Kamal Hassan personally called and thanked me for screening his film Vishwaroopam, which was facing a ban in Tamil Nadu.

4. How has Mysuru influenced your growth?

Mysuru has greatly influeced my growth. The people of Mysuru have always supported me and their patronage has been a source of encouragement. This has made me bring top class technology to Mysuru in terms of sound and projection. Today, the success of DRC is because of Mysureans. Whatever decision I take, the people have always welcomed it.

5. Your advise to aspiring/budding women entrepreneurs?

Today, the world is an open field. There is ample opportunity for everyone to start their own business. In whatever business you intend to start, always remember to have your passion in it. I often tell people, the day I feel my work is boring and tiring is the day I will give up the business. Always remember to be patient and hopeful, however bad the situation may be.

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