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Dialogue with the Dynamic : A candid conversation with Radha K R

1. Why you chose your respective field?

Constant use of creativity is the most important thing which drew me towards this field. I pursued my Masters in Microbiology and got a decent and the most secured Government job a woman could possibly get in KMF, Mysore but i worked there for just ONE DAY and realized that i'm not programmed to work anywhere. Monotony is not my thing and I should start something on my own.

Soon after, when I organized a family event, everything turned out so perfect. Many appreciations poured in. Wow. That was the moment when I knew that I’ll probably keep doing stuff like this my entire life. That's how 'Eventia' was born. Now, let’s be frank: Not all events are that easy. At times, I have to take a roller coaster ride. But still, the feeling you have when something long planned for comes to life is simply very hard to beat.

2. As an entrepreneur, what was the hardest thing you had to face and how did you overcome it?

Being a gal from an orthodox family, it was quite an adventurous thing to start up something like Event planning! Yes, it’s a demanding job which involves lots of travelling; there will be works at odd hours; meeting too many people, where most of them are the opposite gender. Adding to it, so called 'well-wishers' and their criticism.

The conventional saying ‘Try and try until you overcome the barriers and succeed’ fits well within the walls of a woman entrepreneur. Success has always been pleasant and sweet, for the bitter and hampering way it has. A woman entrepreneur never gets an easy route; it’s often the tough road that makes her successful.

3. The most memorable moment of the entrepreneurship journey so far?

Memorable moments are not always about rainbows and sunshine. In startups it can be triggered by various causes. Some have a positive vibe, while others are a bit more challenging. Nonetheless, they are all great experiences to learn from. Reaching a milestone or making the best out of an unexpected situation, will definitely be worth remembering for the years that are about to come.

Getting the first client was a thrilling experience every entrepreneur can relate to. Succeeding to create Something Without Any Previous Experience : It’s like you’ll always remember the moment when your child is born. This feeling that you’re showcasing your ideas, that others are willing to pay for. One of the greatest satisfaction as an entrepreneur is the feeling of being recognized and appreciated for your work.

4. How has Mysuru influenced your growth?

Event planning is very detail oriented and live by to-do list. Being in Mysore has helped me a lot, making my job easier and comfortable. I didn’t find that difficulty to reach people out here in Mysore. It’s a matter of 3 years and Half of the City knows what 'Eventia' is all about.

Being a Heritage city, Mysore is booming for destination weddings and we do many destination weddings here in Mysore for the people who come from different parts of the world.

Human resource, which is the backbone of any field, is easily available in Mysore and the comfort it affords in moving around the city makes us to take up multiple events on the same day. Most importantly, I found the WORK-LIFE balance here.

5. Your advise to aspiring/budding women entrepreneurs?

Hey all pretty women, Don’t hesitate to test the water of your idea of business. You’ll pretty soon find out if that is your cup of tea or not.

In case it is not your cup of tea, rather go for something else, because you won’t be happy doing this.

In case it is your kind of thing: Be prepared to continue for a loooong, loooong time.

For a long time I thought I had to do something that had never been done before to be successful. While that is somewhat true, sometimes an innovation can be quite simple.

Ideas can be basic and without any super innovative technology. Success can come from simple ideas with a twist.

Don’t be a pancake. I used to describe myself as a pancake: My broad set of ideas kept me low and flat. I consistently found myself being mediocre. About three years ago, I decided to focus on one thing and put a majority of my time and effort into doing something interesting and becoming the best in it and I started 'Eventia'. This has granted me the success that I would not have been allotted in my pancake state.

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